KCP Architects


KCP Architects is an established, Veteran-Owned architectural design firm serving the Metro Chattanooga region in the areas of space planning, design and construction management, founded in 1991. Collectively, the partners of our firm have over 60 years experience in architectural practice.  In our design work, we offer the sound reasoning and judgment gained through involvement in the design and construction of roughly $500,000,000 worth of building construction.  We have included resumes of the partners in our firm showing the type and scope of specific projects with which we have been involved.  In addition, the experiences of the partners are complementary, such that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.  Jack Killian has many years of experience working with clients and contractors during construction to facilitate a smooth, yet thorough implementation of the architectural design.  Kenny McDade, on the other hand, has been involved primarily in working with clients during the early design phase to help them visualize and choose among building alternatives.  Our strengths in different phases offer our clients the advantage of a well-rounded integrated approach to their individual needs.


We recognize the need, in these rapidly changing times, to be flexible.  We place a high priority on listening to our clients and responding to their specific needs.  We customize our service to the particular requirements of our client, never saying “but we always do it this way”.  The always-changing business environment requires that we be willing to modify our service to meet the needs of our client, while maintaining the level of professionalism expected of us.  To meet these demands, we have become very productivity-oriented.  In that regard, we extensively utilize automated systems for scheduling, tracking construction costs and computer-aided design (CAD).  We utilize the most up to date Auto-Cad software in a PC-based structure and are happy to gear our production to the automation requirements of our client.


In addition to experience and flexibility, we feel that commitment to our clients is of utmost importance in the practice of architecture.  To us, our clients are the number one priority.  We are dedicated to serving them with enthusiasm, commitment, and integrity.  Our goal is to faithfully serve them in the design of their project; to help them seek and evaluate alternatives during design; to help them make facility decisions; and to coordinate and communicate those decisions to the contractor.